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Replace Missing Teeth For A Healthy Smile


Dental Implants are the best available option to replace missing teeth for a healthy smile that will last forever👌🏻

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Dental implants

Dental implants provide both functionality and aesthetical value to the look of a smile. Instead of having to worry about dentures slipping or missing teeth, dental implants allow you to eat and smile without hesitation.

You clean dental implants like you would with regular teeth-brushing your teeth, flossing, and visiting your general dentist for cleanings on a regular basis. No more worrying about denture paste, special cleaning methods, or difficulties eating.

Anterior Teeth:

Loss of a front tooth can be a traumatizing experience. Recent advances in dental technology have allowed dentists to restore these missing teeth while leaving adjacent teeth untouched, and allowing the patient to look and feel as if the tooth was never lost. Dental implants used in the front of the mouth are of a narrow diameter and are surgically placed into the patient’s bone where the tooth was lost. The dentist uses custom attachments and a lab fabricated porcelain crown to replace the missing tooth and restore the patient to optimum esthetics.

Posterior Teeth:

Back teeth are usually the first teeth in the mouth subject to decay, and sometimes unfortunately the first of the permanent teeth that a patient will lose. This can be due to a number of reasons; most often a cavity that has grown into a large infection that is untreatable or a failing root canal can lead to this outcome. With the latest advent in dental technology, these teeth are now able to be restored without touching the adjacent teeth. A dental implant can be placed surgically into the bone where the tooth was lost. Then, a dentist uses custom attachments and a lab fabricated crown to restore the patient to optimum esthetics and function.

Implanted Supported Dentures:

After the loss of several teeth, many patients end up requiring upper and lower dentures to restore the dentition. One of the biggest complaints for these patients is movement or instability of the denture, especially the lower denture. New technology offers a solution to this problem. By placing several dental implants in the jaw and placing custom attachments in the existing denture, it is possible for the denture to conveniently snap into place providing a secure, sound restorative option for denture wearers.



Orthodontic Treatment


IT DOESN’T MATTER how old you are, orthodontic treatment is great at any stage of life! #orthodontics #braces #invisalign #Miranda #Sydney

Orthodontics movement of teeth through conventional braces is often an undesirable option to many patients, especially adults. Invisalign technology uses translucent trays called “aligners” that gradually move the teeth into proper alignment, while not compromising patient esthetics throughout the treatment.

Invisible :aligners are made of clear, medical grade resin that is almost completely invisible when worn. Friends, family members, and coworkers may never even know you are wearing braces.


Straighten Your Smile Today!

Straighten your smile today

At Miranda Dental Centre, we find that many of our patients are pleasantly surprised by how drastically their teeth look after their orthodontic treatment is complete.

For any inquiries call/text us TODAY 02 9525 9081 | 02 9540 1044
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Orthodontics treatment offers the correction of a bad bite, or a “malocclusion.” Crowding, irregularly spaced teeth, and generalized unaesthetic positioning of teeth can be corrected through the use of conventional braces which bring the teeth into proper alignment. Proper positioning of the teeth contributes to an overall improvement in oral health and improved esthetics.

Oral Health And Radiant Smile


We are committed to your complete oral health and radiant smile !!
Book Your Appointment 02 9525 9081 | 02 9540 1044
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Visit: http://mirandadentalcentre.com.au

Smile With Confidence


Smile with confidence. For inquiries Call us at ☎️ 02 9525 9081 | 02 9540 1044 or visit online at http://mirandadentalcentre.com.au/book-an-appointment/

Miranda Dental Centre is a family oriented practice. We work as team. We treat children, adolescents and adults and this diversity keeps us mindful of our patient’s individual needs so we can make their visit relaxed and pleasant. We try to schedule appointment times as conveniently as possible.
We advise our patients to maintain good oral hygiene and remind them of their regular visits.

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Be Proud Of Your Smile And Show It To The World!

Miranda Dental Centre All your dental needs at one place

Be proud of your smile and show it to the world! We can provide you with any dental solution to fix your teeth with our dental specialists!

For any inquiries call/text us TODAY 02 9525 9081 | 02 9540 1044

If you’re missing one of your teeth it may be time for a dental implant! Don’t suffer from dental pain for a second longer! Call us today!? Feeling like you’ll never have your dream smile again? Let us tell you more about how a dental implant could save your smile!?

We Make Sure You Have The BEST Care Possible


At Miranda Dental Centre, we make sure you have the BEST care possible. Call today to make an appointment at 02 9525 9081 | 02 9540 1044

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Miranda Dental Centre, Dentist  Miranda, Kingsway, Sydney. One of the things we hope to do is to enable you to “smile with confidence and comfort”. Your smile is the first thing those around you notice, and one of our goals is to help you feel comfortable and confident with your smile dentist in miranda.

At Miranda Dental Centre and dentist miranda, we are dedicated to providing our patients with highest quality of dental care

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry Improves The Beauty, Health And Appearance Of Your Smile!!
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Orthodontic Treatment

orthodontic treatment

At Miranda Dental Centre, we find that many of our patients are pleasantly surprised by how drastically their teeth look after their orthodontic treatment is complete.

For any inquiries call/text us TODAY 02 9525 9081 | 02 9540 1044

Dental Centre In Miranda

Healthy skin of beautiful woman face with a flower

Healthy Smile, Healthy You. Most Trusted Dental Centre in Miranda NSW.

For any inquiries call/text us TODAY 02 9525 9081 | 02 9540 1044

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